4 Throttle Body Injection

December 2017:  The 4 TBI system .design has finally taken shape and will be introduced at Helen, GA Ceorvair Show April 2018.  I lot can get delayed and go wrong before then, but very optomistic about this design and feel we can make this happen.  We also have a Turbo setting in the shop when will be an EFI setup, but dont know when it will be completed.   I still have a full time job.

Uses most of the linkage to control throttle, but can also be modified to use cable pull.  4 throttle bodies that will not use progressive at this time.  The 140 engine air filter system will also fit this unit and will also feature a no-return fuel system from the engine bay.

Under development and testing.  To be shown at the Helen, GA show April 2018, available late 2018.  Current Brown EFI 140 customers will be able to upgrade/trade-in current system to 4 TBIs.  Details, cost, etc are still under development.

Turbo model also under development.


Stay Tuned.